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senior year, leadership camp with UMP, first test ;)}
16 Mar 2014 | 01:26 | 0Comment

Hi guys! Ready for an adventure? Lol no adventure, just read and go through with it okay? Hehe. Long time no see? Yahhh I have no time. Aicehh, not really actually. I just don’t want to spend a lot of my time here, I mean at social networking. Ehh really? Bhahahahahahha! Not really jugak. Every weekend I’m on twitter saying ridiculous things there, wechat, whatsapp, instagram blablabla … but only during weekend ^^ because to online those things I don’t need to open up my netbook like what I’m doing right now. Plus, my netbook is not in a really good condition. It’s getting old; I already used it for about 4 years.

It’s been about a year since the last time I update. Emm not very sure but I think so. Hehe so now imma 17-years-old pretty & cute girl! ((perlu ke pretty & cute tu)) hahahahhahahahahaha emm its just an age anyway, I’m still the girl who is unmatured, childish and playful like always. Hehehehe but 17 is the age where I should sit for a big big big examination, guess what? SPM of course! Everybody knows. Haihh, I’m so scared lah. Everybody is putting high hope on me. Straight A+’s. That’s what I want. But it’s not that easy right? No guts no glory. I’ll try my best to get what I want to make myself satisfied and also people around me. I’ve once made them sad with my failure in PMR but for this time I’ll do my best no matter how hard it is! Study study study …

All the subjects are killing me anyway. Hahaha Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Addmaths. Not easy okay. Btw, History also killing me silently. Grr I have no idea on why I don’t like History since I’m still in lower form and that’s the reason why my PMR result was like that, cause I don’t like, simple as that. Hahahahaha neither I like it nor not I still have to take the examination for History paper right. It’s a subject where all SPM candidates need to pass (( WAJIB )) or there will be no SPM certificates eventho you got A++++++ for other subjects. Hahahhaha

Since this is my senior year, or more likely to be like ‘my last year’ at SMKSK I will be the most bajet girl/prefect at the school. Taraaa okay tipu, no way I’m gonna do that. Haha I’ve been chosen as the head prefect assistant. Emm assistant je pun. Hahahahaha more likely as the ‘head girl’ lah. Last week, 8 & 9 March, I’ve attended a leadership camp organized by students from UMP. I think the best camp evahhhhh maybe because I’m the penghuluwati! Aicecehh, hahahaha no lah. The schedule there was really really pack, my only time at the hostel was during the night. 12:00 a.m something till 5:30 a.m ONLY. Ouhya! I also be in hostel for a few second to take a thing (compact powder) that the facilitator wanted to use for a game (( turning a boy into a girl game )) lol. Hahahha my night there was so hard, I awake for every one hour as the riang riang were keep making noises. Arghhh im soooooooooo tired. As the penghuluwati, I also get punished for every wrongdoing that had been done by others (girl) kfine. Hmm -.-

During the explorace game, it was superb awesome! Serious! It’s my first time in my life drinking salty syrup. Hahahahahahaha so crazy. I didn’t know anything about the syrup my group member don’t tell me that the syrup was actually salt. When I look at the syrup I’m like ‘elleh sirap je pun’ then I drink a lot of it without any hesitation, and then I vomit it out. My face turned red and I cried without I realized! Hahahaha funny! Being so belagak then that’s what you got at last. Hahahaha then we need to find 15 coins in a plate that’s mixed with flour, chili powder and sweets. We cannot mess up the flour. My group managed to find the 15 coins but have messed up the flour. We need to lied down on the grass then sang a song as the punishment -.- and theres one checkpoint where we should play ‘radio rosak’ but my group member decided to give up and just eat the onion so I have to! Omggg, the cooked one pun I didn’t eat how come I’m gonna eat the mentah one? So I just put in my mouth. Then I throw it. Hahahahahaha

TAKE COVER! Haaa, guess what? When the kemkom say this we need to grovel -.- There’s one time all of us were making noise outside the hall then suddenly we heard ‘take cover’ nahhhh immediately grovel on the road. As the result, I got bruises on my knees L emm, okay chillah, only small bruises. Hehehe saja nak kecoh sikit. Last day, during the closing ceremony, I’m the MC for the ceremony. Huhu suka la nyah. Cause I love microphone. Lol just kidding hahahahahahah. All of it, I had such a great time during the camp. No doubt :) gonna miss all the facilitators especially Wonder Black facilitators, Sis Shahira and Abg Balya (( bro Balya sound harsh )) hahahhahahahaha well the camp taught me many things, the value of friendship, always hold on with only one principe, and the most important is they  taught me how to be a good and responsible leader ^^ obviously I’ll never got a chance like this anymore as I’m not a school student anymore next year. So I’ll keep these sweet memories in my mind ;)

*got no picture as I didn’t bring my camera also my phone. Be sooooo nice in the camp. The poyo nabaha -,-
*the story sound like the camp was held for a long time and at a special place but actually it only held for 2 days 1 night in loveable SMKSK and I got room at 3rd floor. K  

Btw, I’m done my first test for this year before the camp. I just wanna say that I love myself soooooooooooo much. Hahahahahahaha xD

Gonna put an end here. Bye dearest readers and thanks for reading those ridiculous uninteresting story up there. Hehehe love you to the moon and back!

 P/s: please ignore those grammatical/vocabulary errors, everybody make mistake, so chill okay ^.^